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A 2019 entry to the 200 word RPG contest.
Play detectives procedurally uncovering clues to solve a crime.

A mystery for 3+ players. 
You need pens, paper, index cards
You've come together to solve a mystery.  Together determine who/what/where you are (hard boiled gumshoes, a Japanese Attorney and crew, military investigators...).  
After, figure out what crime you are investigating (murder, theft, missing person...).  
Individually, take 8 index cards and fill out the following:  
 2x Clue/evidence - Fingerprints, a scrap of paper with something written  
 2x Witness - A neighbor  
 2X Suspect - An estranged spouse, an angry business partner, a rival  
 2x Motive - An upcoming contest, an inheritance

After everyone has filled out their cards shuffle them all together.   Play begins and one player draws a card and interprets the scene.  Everything they provide about the card is true but not necessarily relevant to the investigation.  Play the scene with the other players asking questions, interrogating, or otherwise exploring the information. 
When satisfied, the next player draws a card and they frame the next scene.  Play continues until everyone has had two chances to frame scenes. 
After the final card scene the detective team determines how they think the crime occurred, motives, perpetrators.  Did you solve the crime?  What are the results?


Confused Detectives.txt 1 kB


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Added at the final minute, the idea is there but the use of 200 words and instructions could use another pass.  I updated the number of index cards required as I mistyped on the submission form.