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The team has arrived and with what little time formulated a plan only they can pull off.  Desert Cobra sneaks through the kitchen to borrow a uniform and delivery cart, Silver Lotus climbs the rear of the building toward the penthouse, and Scattered Sunlight slips through the crowded party making her way towards the guest of honor.

Spy Goons is a one page table top role playing game of stealth action for a GM and 2 or more players (or 1v1?).  Inspired by spy and action movies Spy Goons begins as your team moves towards completing their latest mission.  It uses only 2 six-sided dice and some paper or notecards per player.

Spy Goons is a hack of Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme made as part of #GoonJam.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreAction, Role Playing


SPY_GOONS_v01.pdf 175 kB
SPY GOONS_v01_plaintext.docx 24 kB

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Thanks for looking.  Let me know if there is anything to fix/improve.

I originally wanted to completely replace health with cover but couldn't reconcile how I expected it to play out with my intent.  So now you get a slight re-theme with lower HP to discourage direct combat and a soft clock to keep everything moving (cover). 

I'm glad I am finally able to put something out into the wild even as untested and half-formed as it is.